Mission and Vision

Vision of NTP 

TB Free Bangladesh: Zero deaths, disease and suffering due to TB.

Mission of NTP

NTP aims to strengthen TB control efforts through effective partnerships, mobilizing necessary resources and ensuring quality diagnostics and treatment services under the defined End TB Strategy. NTP strives to make services equally available to all people in Bangladesh irrespective of age, sex, religion, ethnicity, social status or race.

Goal of NTP

Goal (related to End TB Strategy): End the TB epidemic aiming to achieve a target of 10 new cases/100,000/year in 2035. (Projected 2015 baseline of 225 cases/100,000)

Objectives of NTP

The current objective is to achieve universal access to quality TB care for all TB patients in order to achieve the End TB targets.

  • Increase annual case detection of all forms of TB to more than 90% of all incident cases by 2022 (from baseline of 57% in 2015) with childhood TB contribution of 8% by 2022 (from baseline of 4% in 2015).
  • Maintain a treatment success rate of at least 90% in all forms of detected non-MDR-TB cases and ensure quality-controlled treatment services at all implementation sites.
  • Increase annual case detection of MDR-TB to 4,100 cases (from baseline 800 in 2015) and child MDR case detection to 112 cases by 2022 (from baseline on 0 in 2015), and improve management of MDR-TB cases through countrywide implementation of the shorter MDR-TB treatment regimen.
  • Ensure that no TB affected families facing catastrophic costs due to tuberculosis by 2022.
  • Ensure that 100% of TB service facilities receive regular supervision and monitoring with appropriate feedback resulting in remedial actions by 2022.
  • Ensure the long term availability of 100% of required funding for activities at all program levels through effective planning and partner co-ordination and the continuing increase of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) contributions to the NTP budget.
  • Ensure adequate support for operational research to foster innovation.