NTP Activities

Major Activity of NTP
A)  Promoting early TB case detection by introducing new diagnostic tool (Gene X-part) and improving diagnosis of DS TB, DR TB with a special focus on smear-negative, extra-pulmonary and child hood TB.
B) Scale-up Diagnosis of DR-TB and shorter Regimen for MDR-TB all over the country and introduce new drugs (Bedaquiline and Delanimide) in line with the recommendation of WHO.
C)  Ensuring uninterrupted supply of quality drugs (First & second line), Laboratory equipment including 2nd Line LPA for all RTRLs and consumables and logistics of improving procurement of supply management systems.
D) Strengthen Management, coordination and supervision and Human Resource Development
E) StrengthenTB associated co-morbiditiesi.eTB/HIV, TB DM
F) StrengthenInfection Control (IC)by introducing FAST strategy.
G) Enhance PPM initiative to increase case detection and promote International Standard of TB Care (ISTC) among professional bodies
H) Operationalize Mandatory notification of TB
I) Continue effectiveACSM& Community TB Care.
J)PromoteOperational Research